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Trump is a tough nut to tackle -- and you can take that literally if you'd like.Even so, this is a big, bloody hunk of red meat for his remaining defenders, many of whom already see Hollywood in the worst ways imaginable.The first hour of AHS: Freak Show, with its amazing new title sequence, odd characters, gorgeous production values and depiction of a dying show-biz era, totally pulled me in.But I'm a sucker for the nostalgia and the creepiness of the sideshow world.It has had a highly promising start, and the series can only escalate in suspense and carnage from here—as expected from any season of AHS.However, Freak Show feels more humanistic and empathic than its previous seasons.Although he is only side-plot at this point, one can already assume he will join the Freak Show soon.With its infamous Halloween episodes (comprised of two parts) coming up in the following two weeks, fans can expect AHS: Freak Show to swing into full gear.

With only two episodes under its belt, AHS has taken on a very different and arguably more discomforting tale of terror than its usual supernatural route.

The Harmon family struggles with both internal and external demons that haunt them, escalating to a violently climactic finale.

The second series, Asylum, takes place at a mental institution in the 1960s, where patients are subject to cruel and inhumane treatment.

Election Night Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Neighbors from Hell 11/9 Holes Mid-Western Assassin Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag Winter of Our Discontent Drink the Kool-Aid Charles (Manson) in Charge Liberals aren't just snowflakes with imaginary fears, and the right isn't only made up of soulless fear-mongers.

The politics of fear may work, but the twisted logic in this futile exercise falls apart quickly.

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Be sure to catch AHS: Freak Show every Wednesday night at 10/9c.

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