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Die Lehrgangsleiter überprüfen dies bei Lehrgangsbeginn und werden Teilnehmer, die diese Voraussetzungen nicht erfüllen, des Lehrgangs verweisen.

The Medical Valley is an extensive, varied, exciting network, characterised by profound expertise, excellent research, openness and diversity.

Another consequence of this rotation is the fact that while moving by 15° from West to East local solar time increases by an hour.

Many interdisciplinary groups work on this in the Medical Valley cluster of excellence.

Medical Valley is thus a unique platform that helps both globally operating companies and SMEs to bring better products onto the market more quickly.

This may be a backward way to begin this article, but I have to say it: I’ve never actually been that great at casual dating.

I tend to let my feelings, carried on the wings of my very vivid imagination, get away from me almost immediately when I meet a guy I like.

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  1. POF suxs the big one the women on here are either over the hill has beens or young sluts stroking their own egos. I've also met some nice people who visited my country for holidays thus I've also made new friends besides getting dates.