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Jordan took responsibility for her death because she inadvertently got the girl caught by calling her back on the landline which allowed the killer to hear the phone ring and ultimately find her.Since then Jordan stepped away from being an operator and took on teaching until the day the call came in about the same guy with the same MO and Jordan is the only one who can talk the girl through this delicate situation.As the movie progresses you find more things about this guy and his motive becomes really confusing.We discover that he has a shrine to his sister who died of cancer in his room, and there are pictures of what looks like an incestuous relationship between he and his sister before she died, and then it turns out he's a hair fetishist who scalps his victims while they're alive to preserve their hair and puts it on a mannequin head, presumably to keep the memory of his sister alive.

Allison Janney and Anna Faris also attended the CBS Upfront presentation in New York City Halle happily signed autographs for the cheering fans who were stationed outside the Midtown Manhattan convert venue, and posed for photographs before going in for the presentation.Despite insisting that she spent the year-long operation alone, viewers see her interact with a mysterious man on the spacecraft, and later learn that Molly is pregnant.Halle's character returns to Earth and tries to reconnect with her family, while keeping her pregnancy a secret from her husband and son, who is coincidentally, a robot.It feels like you're genuinely watching a 911 operator help someone through a kidnapping and this is largely due to the acting by both Berry and Abigail Breslin who plays the girl in the trunk.The first couple of acts are fairly slow on action, but there are plenty of nail-biting scenes and overall tension building that keeps your eyes glued to the screen.

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