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The court also concluded that URLs themselves were not copyrightable, writing: "A URL is simply an address, open to the public, like the street address of a building, which, if known, can enable the user to reach the building.

There is nothing sufficiently original to make the URL a copyrightable item, especially the way it is used.

The Court stated that search engines are desirable for the functioning of the Internet, and that, when publishing information on the Internet, one must assume—and accept—that search engines deep-link to individual pages of one's website. People who favor deep linking often feel that content owners who don't provide a file are implying by default that they do not object to deep linking either by search engines or others.

Sites other than search engines can also deep link to content on other sites, so some question the relevance of the Robots Exclusion Standard to controversies about Deep Linking.

The possibility of so-called "deep" linking is therefore built into the Web technology of HTTP and URLs by default—while a site can attempt to restrict deep links, to do so requires extra effort.

According to the World Wide Web Consortium Technical Architecture Group, "any attempt to forbid the practice of deep linking is based on a misunderstanding of the technology, and threatens to undermine the functioning of the Web as a whole".

Second, HTML instructions do not themselves cause infringing images to appear on the user's computer screen.

The HTML merely gives the address of the image to the user's browser.

In the context of the World Wide Web, deep linking is the use of a hyperlink that links to a specific, generally searchable or indexed, piece of web content on a website (e.g., " rather than the website's home page (e.g., " The URL contains all the information needed to point to a particular item, in this case the "Example" section of the English Wikipedia article entitled "Deep linking", as opposed to only the information needed to point to the highest-level home page of Wikipedia at .

The Robots Exclusion Standard does not programmatically enforce its directives so it does not prevent search engines and others who do not follow polite conventions from deep linking.

) are wrapper elements that consolidate multiple, related links.

Some commercial websites object to other sites making deep links into their content either because it bypasses advertising on their main pages, passes off their content as that of the linker or, like The Wall Street Journal, they charge users for permanently valid links.

Sometimes, deep linking has led to legal action such as in the 1997 case of Ticketmaster versus Microsoft, where Microsoft deep-linked to Ticketmaster's site from its Sidewalk service.

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