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Shiratori fixated on Sato because he believed she was the childhood crush who completely changed his life at a chance meeting in a bookstore.Shiratori is crushed when Sato chooses Takagi in the end, and can't truly give up his feelings for her.

Shiratori tends to do well in cases when faced with topics pertinent to his upper class tastes, When he was introduced in the first movie, Conan treated him as a suspect and Kogoro Mouri accused him of being the bomber because of his knowledge of skyscrapers and buildings.

Shiratori's first appearance is as a suspect in a bombing epidemic. Shiratori here is shown to be Inspector Juzo Megure's close aide, as he assists him throughout the case.

He knows that he too is on the murderer's hit-list.

He later discovers that Sumiko Kobayashi is the true girl from his childhood memories.

Once the realization sets in, Shiratori's Sato complex dissolves and he develops an affection for Sumiko that soon blossoms into mutual love.

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From that day, he considers the girl his first love and 'girl of destiny', and due to her uncanny resemblance to Sato, he believes her to be the same person.

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