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The poems were often of five stanzas and followed the rhyme scheme AA bbb AA ccc AA ddd AA eee AA fff AA GG, though there were many variations. E.) displays another dimension of anecdotal prose literature in his treatise on the psychology of love, ).

The final couplet (GG), termed the was set to music, and one can still hear them sung in Morocco, Algeria, and elsewhere in the Arab world today. The special development given to courtly love themes in Hispano-Arabic literature has often been linked to the rise of the troubadours in neighboring Provence, and one recognizes many close parallels between the theories of love, the stock characters, and the conventions of Arabic love poetry and that of the troubadours.

Pre-Islamic literature also included other forms, such as prose oratory, and among its practitioners, the Christian bishop Quss ibn Sāʿidah was renowned as the of eloquence.

However, this genre and other genres have been overshadowed by poetry, either because they were found more interesting, or because of the ease of memorization in a society where oral transmission was proper.

The next century, the Jewish writer Yehudah al-Ḥarizi translated al-Ḥarīrī's work into Hebrew and then wrote his own Hebrew genre considerably to include nearly any text couched in elaborate rhymed prose replete with rhetorical figures and literary conceits.

The hybrid literary population of al-Andalus also gave birth by the eleventh century to a new poetic form, the , a strophic poem that often combined Arabic and local Romance linguistic elements; it provides some of the first examples of “Spanish” literature in existence.

Scholars and writers might begin their careers in what is today Portugal and end them on the banks of the Red Sea or the borders of the Hindu Kush. His ), describing champion skinflints and penny-pinchers, many from Khorāsān in Persia, satirizes those who lack the primary Arab cultural virtues, generosity and hospitality.

Most medieval critics associated Arabic literature with poetry. The panegyric became a highly refined art form, as did the lighter survived the passage of time, although its erotic prologue was transformed and adapted to new needs, such as the pastoral and the ascetic. The work has survived the centuries, and its anecdotes circulate in children's literature in the contemporary Arab world.

A formalized and detailed metrical system was codified by al-Khalīl (d. The characters who populated medieval Arabic anecdotal works ranged from rulers and judges to misers and party-crashers.

The Sindbad legends were also translated into Spanish as , included a number of stories based on Arabic proverbs. From quite early in the development of Islamic orthodoxy, echoes of asceticism and mysticism could be heard.

Generally these came from individuals dissatisfied with what they perceived to be a loss of the personal dimension of the religious experience, buried as it had become under legalistic discussions and ritualized practice.

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