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Being fascinated by all things mechanical, the young fox eagerly runs up to the machine for a thorough investigation, but shyly pulls back when he spots Sonic snoozing in the shade of a wing.His awkward moment is interrupted by a huge explosion from the island's interior.

As of February 2013, the series has collectively sold over 85 million copies worldwide across both the platform games and spin-offs.Robotnik, who had discreetly followed Sonic onto West Side Island, is now tearing the place apart in search of the seven Chaos Emeralds.He needs fuel for his Death Egg, a planet-sized space station with unthinkable power.The player finishes each level, generally moving from left to right, within a time limit of 10 minutes (Sonic dies one second after the timer reaches , though it does not actually click up to ).At the end of act 2 of each zone, Sonic confronts Dr.

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