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90 percent of women have a figure that would give any model.- Serbian women are approachable, open and friendly.It is very rare to be completely shut off by a Serbian girl when you are simply being social with her.In the early 19th century, the Serbian Revolution established the nation-state as the region's first constitutional monarchy, which subsequently expanded its territory.

Serbian women are quite cultured and most beside English speak other language too like French, German, Italian and Spanish.In conclusion, with Serbian women you can have it all: a passionate woman, a hot woman, , an strong woman, but also a caring woman, a tender woman, a dedicated woman, a loving woman, but above all a wonderful mother. Be polite, patient and understand their family structure is much more different than ours. Gain her trust and she will be the most amazing girl and yours forever. Serbian women don’t ask for much except care and trust.In my opinion, compared to others, they are not looking for anyone to save them or are interested in a man flashing his wallet.They are not the stereotypical village girls you hear about. Also, keep in mind that even though they like to party hard and hardly wear any clothing at all, most Serbian girls are practicing and dedicated Christians and have a strong sense of faith.that the pair are becoming serious, explaining: "He had been dating some girls...

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