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Then there was the time he demanded she send him an action figure.

If it weren't for your Aunt's good graces, we'd be living in skid row right this minute. She was very happy to hear that you were going to spend some time together.The jacket left the ruffles at his collar and cuff fully exposed.A white satin scarf was tucked under the back flap and tied into a square knot in front with long streamers.There she held up a pair of yellow nylon panties with lace frills and a matching training bra in front of him and asked if he would like some of his own.On her last visit, she brought him violet colored cotton sheets with a matching satin comforter and pillow covers with white lace accents. * Rodger was more like a shadow in Margaret's world keeping to the sidelines.

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It took him months to get his friends to stop teasing him about it.

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