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So when I realized it was important to understand like how to interact with others, I decided I would study it, but there wasn’t the art of charm.So I used to go to this Stanford barn which is on the Stanford Campus and it’s like this meeting place.I’m, going to turn off the lights that I’m using for the video … So this is something stiff folks and I talked about on that podcast earlier and it’s actually remarkable what it does for you but if I’m recording I’m going to turn the lights so you guys can see me but that’s kind of a story. Dave: What’s up with that and what did you learn from it.

Jordan is a former lawyer turned relationship coach, and is now the co-host of the Art of Charm Podcast, a top-rated show on i Tunes.

Because I don’t really want somebody here if they are just like “I need to get phone numbers and get women to like me.” That’s such a small minded goal and it’s really …

if you don’t kind of get it then I don’t want you here in the same boot camp as a guy from the Mossad and special forces, army rangers, green berets and special air service guys.

What we teach at the auto charm applies to men, women, married, single and our clients are Special Forces all the way down to a guy coding Java Script in a cubicle somewhere because everybody uses this stuff for different things.

At the core of it is always authenticity, honesty, integrity and that’s really what it’s all about.

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