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"We don't document it here but you can't ignore that it is out there." Many smaller studies have reported similar rates of risky behaviors among gay teens, but the CDC report was the first to do so on such a large scale.It looked at teens from seven states -- Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin - and from six large urban school districts, including San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, and New York.According to the CDC, students at schools with active GSAs are less likely to feel threatened or have suicidal thoughts."If there are GSAs in school, teens feel supported," Menvielle says.

But D'Augelli says that there is little evidence of parents rejecting their children because of their sexuality; in fact, he says, these days that conversation may be easier than in years past.

"They are aware they are different, they are under pressure -- it's a very rough time of life," he says.

Sex reassignment surgery or SRS (also known as gender reassignment surgery, gender confirmation surgery, genital reconstruction surgery, gender-affirming surgery, or sex realignment surgery) is the surgical procedure (or procedures) by which a transgender person's physical appearance and function of their existing sexual characteristics are altered to resemble that socially associated with their identified gender.

"An increasing number of adults know more gay people, and that makes a huge difference in how they react to gay people," he says.

"When a son or daughter comes out, they don't assume that they are strange or abnormal.

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But Laura Kann, Ph D, who headed the CDC's report, says feeling unaccepted probably plays a big role.

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